Bored Candy City
1 min readAug 27, 2023

Naturally, your next question likely will be 'what the heck is Champagne? ' . Well,

Champagne allows Bored Candy community holders to earn rewards simply by keeping their Twitter PFP as an NFT that they own among the Bored Candy collection! By using your Bored Candy PFP across Twitter you are automatically rewarded them with chocolate 🍫 every 1 hour!

The "Staking" Process
1.Choose supported NFT project
2.Connect wallet and Twitter with READ ONLY permissions

3.Select the NFT you want to use, and download the specialized file
4.Change your PFP to the image you just downloaded
5.Go back to Champagne and click "Confirm PFP"!

How does it work?
Champagne's sophisticated system ensures that no one takes advantage by doing regular verifications every 15 minutes that the user's PFP hasn't changed, that they are still the owner, or that the NFT remains staked in another vault. Champagne works seamlessly alongside any existing staking systems with no permissions required!

So get ready for the new way of earning chocolate 🍫! Make sure you start going through your Bored Candy collection from now, pick your favourites and be ready to change your PFP!

Bored Candy City

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