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3 min readAug 30, 2023

Connect the Game to Altura

Go to

Press the Connect Softkey.

Connect your wallet.

Press the Connect softkey.

Press the Sign softkey.

Press the Accept softkey.

Press the Coloured circle on the top right.
Press the Profile softkey.

Press the Altura Guard softkey

Copy the Connection Code.

Go to the Game app.
Press the gear symbol softkey.
Press the Your Wallet soft key.

Paste the Altrura Code into the entry.

Press the Connect softkey.

Make sure that the checkmark is on Connect.

Press the Approve Candy softkey.

Go to the DEFI wallet.

Open the Altura account.

Press the Altura Guard softkey.

Press the Transaction Request tab.

If the Transaction is not shown, press the Refresh softkey.

Press the Transaction Detail.

Press the Approve softkey.

Press the Next softkey.

Confirm that the Transaction Completed message is received.

Topup In-Game Wallet

Enter the amount to add. Press Done.

Press the Topup softkey.

Press the Yes softkey on the confirmation message.

Go to the Defi app.
Open the Altura account.
If the transaction does not show, press refresh.

Press View Details for the Transaction.

Press the Approve softkey for the Transaction detail.

Press Confirm softkey on the transfer message.

Wait for the Transaction Completed message.

Verify on the game.

Withdraw from the In-Game Wallet

Enter the amount to transfer. Press Done
Press the Withdraw softkey.

Press the Yes softkey.

Wait for the Successfully Withdrawn message.

Bored Candy City

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