Bored Candy City
1 min readAug 27, 2023

New Bot In Bored Candy Discord!

I'm sure you've noticed by now that's there's a new bot in the Bored Candy discord! The new bot does essentially the same as previous however the commands are just slightly different.

/balance displays user balance

/leaderboard displays top 10

/free-reward claim your daily reward

/withdraw withraw bank balance to cash

/item-info displays info on item

/buy-item purchases a particular item

/store displays items in store

these commands will allow you to accumulate chocolate 🍫 in the discord!

As previously, you can also earn chocolate 🍫 by sending messages in the general chat, however, there will now a cooldown time of 20 seconds between messages. Also, the reactions to the announcement channel will still earn you chocolate 🍫, but now, there will only be a two day period to complete the reactions for chocolate 🍫.

This will then be combined with additional chocolate 🍫 from another bot, this one linked to Twitter or X. The new bot is called 'Champagne' .

Bored Candy City

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