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2 min readSep 14, 2023


Dear candyfam,

I hope this announcement finds you well and that you’re being safe in this crazy market.

You don’t need me to tell you how bear is this bear market is being. We’re seeing the same patterns we saw in previous bear markets.

As in money leaving the space very fast (more than 900 million $ last month alone), Defi loosing active users (some chains more than others), projects abandoning..etc.

I’m here to tell you that we at Bored Candy City LLC, are not surrendering, we set out on a mission to bring our Defi products and p2e games to Polygon and we will do just that.

Starting tomorrow, september 15th 2023, we are relaunching our Polygon Candy token launchpad with a few twists.

Twist N°1: The launchpad will last until december 31st. Seeing how the market is at the moment, we will be very patient and wait until investors are ready.

Twist N°2: Because the market is unpredictable, we want to relieve you from any engagement so we added a new function to our launchpad, yet another innovation in the space.

In classic launchpads you can contribute your Matic whenever you’d like, you can add to your contribution whenever you’d like but you need to wait for the launchpad to be over to claim your tokens.

This time we’re giving you the option to cancel your contribution, whatever the reason.

Your financial situation changed, you need your Matic to save your position from liquidation or whatever, you can simply cancel your contribution and get all your Matic back.

As long as the launchpad is not over and the soft cap or hard cap aren’t reached, you can cancel anytime.

Twist N°3: Crypto is a matter of friends & family, I personnally first got in back in 2013 thanks to my cousin and I orange pilled many people in my circle since.

So to keep with our innovation streak we added a referral incentive to the launchpad.

Very simple, you contribute your Matic, you get a link, share your link with your friends, from every contribution using your link you receive 10% in Candy token.

That’s it, with these few twists we think we’re giving the launchpad the best chances to succeed in this market.

The rest is unchanged, you can read about it in this article « Is it Polygon Candynomics Or Candy Polygonomics ?! »

I wish you a safe and profitable crypto journey.

God bless you candyfam,

Candy Man

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